About us

Free newspapers are very popular in 58 countries. “Champord” is the first free paper in Caucasus region.

“Champord” has exclusivity of distribution in public transport awarded by Municipality. “Champord” has at least 50.000 readers daily. “Champord” boxes are installed in almost all means of public transport: violet buses, yellow buses, trolleybuses.

The mission of “Champord” is to be the main source of trusted, encouraging, positive news for Yerevanees.

We are patriotic, but apolitical. The main themes of weekly are local, international, sport, social-economic news and events important for Yerevanees, as well as interviews with successful people living in Yerevan.

“Champord” put a spotlight on repatriation theme, and shines a light on different districts of Yerevan each week. Our motto is “For Yerevanees, Trusted, Encouraging, Informative”.

Tel. (+374 11) 55 40 40

Address՝ Apartment 17, Bayron 10, Yerevan

Email: info@champord.am


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